10 Feb Solid Waste Management

Waste analysis
Waste Avoidance Campaign
Recycling Activities
Site investigation, topographical and geotechnical surveys
Conceptual planning and feasibility studies
Sanitary landfills
Composting and mechanical biological treatment (MBT) plants
Waste transfer stations
Rehabilitation of dump sites
Training measures

Solid waste is a major environmental problem for residential areas. The collection, transportation and disposal of solid waste are of great importance for environment and human health. A lack of consciousness among both leaders and the general public has led to serious environmental and health problems.

TEKNIK TEMPO is one of the leading firms in Turkey’s solid waste management sector. Our firm has taken part in most domestic and internationally financed projects, and our experienced staff has comprehensive experience in all stages of solid waste management planning, from the collection, transportation and recycling of waste to its disposal through mechanical-biological treatment or sanitary landfills.

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