10 Feb Wastewater Management

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Storm Water Discharge Systems
Hydraulic Modeling
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Wastewater Treatment Plants
Marine Outfalls

The collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater from urban and rural areas, without harming the environment, is critically important for public health. Due to both official efforts and public pressure, pollution control and environmental protection standards are being continually strengthened. TEKNIK TEMPO has the technical background and qualifications to provide engineering and consulting services to meet this challenge.

Our experience covers a wide range of services, from planning, preliminary and final design to supervising the construction of domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants, marine outfalls, sewage systems, and storm water discharge systems. We have been successfully involved in many projects, for small communities and large metropolises alike, and our services have resulted in effective sanitation systems for regional public health.

TEKNIK TEMPO is a leading firm in the development of computerized hydraulic models for wastewater systems using a variety of methods. Our software is capable of handling all sizes of sewer networks under a wide range of conditions.

The discharge of treated wastewater into the sea is a common practice in Turkey, which is a peninsular country. Our knowledge and experience with the design of outfall structures in line with government regulations, sea floor research, and sea modeling put us at the forefront of this field.

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